Appeal to the tourists

Appeal to the tourists2020-09-15T12:47:59+00:00

So that the Busho Carnival becomes a real experience and not a bad memory …
In order to make the Busho Carnival a real experience for everyone from the first to the last
moment, which is not overshadowed by inconvenience, the organizers recommend the
following to the participants of the event:
Children between the ages of 0 and 3 should not be brought into the moving or standing
crowd or let go alone by their parents: Small children can easily be frightened by gunshots,
bumps, large crowds and other strange stimuli in their surroundings, which reduces their sense
of security.

It is dangerous to bring a pram into the crowd since the busho does not have a wide view
because of the small holes for the eyes in the busho mask and therefore cannot see the objects
and people next to, in front of and above him properly.
Horse-drawn carriages and tractors also go between the people: the safe transport and
movement of the pram can be hindered by the crowd, which can lead to the risk of accidents.
When the pyre (bonfire) burns, there is intense smoke: those around the huge fire may breathe
it in, embers and soot can fly onto their clothing and skin.
Dear guests, we ask you not to come to the Busho Carnival in your best, most elegant clothes,
as they can be damaged and soiled because many people walk through the crowd with food
and drink in their hands. Unfortunately, you can often accidentally get tea, mulled wine or
greasy, warm food on your clothes. The town of Mohács is not liable for any damage caused
by such a reason.

Dear guests, approach the burning pyre (bonfire) at your own risk. Make sure that smoke, soot
and embers do not damage your health or clothing.

We apologize for any inconvenience.
Best regards,
the organizers of the Mohács Busho Carnival