Mask carvers

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An important element of the tradition of the Busho Carnival is the manufacturing of items
related to the bushos. Traditional craft is present in various forms. As in earlier times, some
bushos still carve their own masks for use in the living rite, and it happens that someone
carves several masks and wears a different one every year to preserve their incognito. Some
also carve masks for their busho friends. The mask carvers include all the talented specialists
who appear with their masks at exhibitions and trade fairs. In some groups it is common
practice to carve according to the “style” of the (usually) leading busho, or for him to carve
the masks of several group members himself. Thus, some groups can also be identified by the
characteristic features of the masks. The less talented buy (or get) their masks. Despite the
fact that the masks are very diverse and reflect the individuality of their manufacturer, they
stably retain their Mohács character, so the tradition is passed on and protected at the same
time. The work of the other is taken into account, assessed, criticized and recognized.